Republican Dirty Tricks! Oh, wait….

A federal grand jury in Tennessee has indicted a man for hacking into Sarah Palin’s personal email account. He happens to be the son of a Democratic state legislator.

Can you imagine the reaction on the left if the son of a Republican lawmaker had done a similar deed? All the conspiracy whackos would be out in full swing (Rove is behind it!).

MSNBC interrupted their programming and declared it “Breaking News” back in the spring when they learned that someone had snooped into Barack Obama’s passport files, a far less invasive act. MSNBC of course was seeking to make Obama appear to be the victim of dirty tricks. It later turned out, however, that all the candidates had been similarly snooped upon, and the snooping was by some contract employees with no apparent political connections.

The New York Times ran three (!!) front page stories on the pregnancy of Sarah Palin’s daughter. Let’s wait and see how much coverage is given to this criminal act against Sarah Palin.

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