Typical Partisanship at the Times

One of the true marks of a partisan is the employment of double-standards. You apply one rule to the candidate you oppose, and apply a different rule to the one you support. The Sensible Right-Winger (that’s me, folks) takes pride in the fact that he applies the same standards to all. That’s why, for example, I can admit that Sarah Palin has a very thin resume, whereas many of my friends who support Obama can’t concede the same about him. Another typical example: liberals who want to blame John McCain for his fleeting link to some crazy pastor who endorsed him, while minimizing the 20-year connection between Barack Obama and his way crazier pastor.

But today’s example of partisanship comes from (surprise!) the New York Times. Both Maureen Dowd and Frank Rich have just penned columns which point to a few nutty people who said offensive things at McCain rallies, and (surprise!) they blame the McCain campaign for these nutjobs.

The partisanship is demonstrated by the failure of Rich and Dowd et al to ever denounce the crazy and vulgar rantings that are so often heard on the left. You will never ever hear Rich or Dowd denounce all the hate-filled vulgar postings at DailyKos, for example. That’s a website where Barack Obama himself has posted items; Obama also went to their annual convention. For several days in August, the featured posters at Kos were claiming that Sarah Palin was not the true mother of her newborn baby. Kos is filled with anti-semitic rantings, and the host of the site himself famously posted an item that said “Screw Them” about American contractors who were murdered by terrorists in Iraq.

Here’s a celebrity Obama supporter saying Sarah Palin will be gang-raped if she should ever visit New York. If you think these sort of comments are unusual, well I urge you to spend some time perusing the frequently anti-semitic comments on DailyKos. Or you can peruse Michelle Malkin’s book where she amasses the many racist emails she regularly receives from liberals who disagree with her.

Someone please tell me why John McCain or George Bush deserve blame for every crazy right-winger in any audience, but for some reason no liberal leader is to blame when, for example, conservative speakers get physically attacked (regularly) by liberals on college campuses.

A good friend of mine who is an ardent liberal recently emailed me and blamed President Bush for “stifling debate” in America- yet I can find no examples of liberal speakers getting shouted down or physically attacked while attempting to speak anywhere in America…. whereas above, with about five minutes of research, I found several examples of conservative speakers getting attacked in attempts by liberals to prevent them from speaking. This type of selective outrage is yet another example of partisanship.

My point is not that Barack Obama is responsible for the hate-filled comments of his supporters. If I were a partisan like Frank Rich, it would be quite easy for me to amass all the vulgar things that people on the left have said about Sarah Palin or John McCain, and then say that such comments are the fault of the Democratic Party.

But unlike the partisans at the Times, I do not blame Obama for the nutty comments of some of his nutty supporters. And for the same reason, it is absurd to blame John McCain for the comments of some of his wacko supporters. I think John McCain’s record speaks for itself.

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