Obama and the Unions

No, Obama isn’t a socialist.

But organized labor is going all out for Obama, and if you think they are not expecting anything in return, you’re a fool.

And this brings me back to a theme. For all of the rhetoric about McCain’s “old ideas”, the reality is that it’s Obama’s ideas (restricting free trade, raising taxes, and empowering unions) that are completely outdated, and would be terrible for the nation’s economy. It all sounds a lot like Jimmy Carter’s economic agenda, and some of us are old enough to remember how that worked out.

To see the destrutive impact which powerful labor unions can have, just look at Europe; the crippling strikes, and the high unemployment.

This is the Obama plan to make us more competitive? Higher taxes (which of course makes the US less attractive to growing companies who can set up shop anywhere on the globe), opposing free trade agreements (obviously limiting our exports) and more powerful unions (and all the inefficiencies the unions ALWAYS bring)?

Bottom Line from your humble sensible right-wing blogger: Obama offers lofty (and in my view empty) rhetoric, but I sure would love to know why opposing free trade agreements, raising taxes on the most successful companies, and empowering labor unions are (a) new ideas or (b) good ideas?

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