Israelis See Things Differently

This came as no surprise at all:

A survey of Americans in the Holy Land released Thursday found that absentee voters supported Republican John McCain over Barack Obama by a three-to-one margin.

Let’s face a basic fact- one of the reasons that a lot of muslim countries hate the US is because of our alliance with Israel.

So every time I hear an Obama supporter say, in substance, “Electing Obama will make the world like us better,” I wonder if they really are saying “Electing Obama will lead to a weaker alliance with Israel, which in turn will make those who hate Israel (a big chunk of the world) like us better.” That’s certainly the vibe among the vocal supporters of Obama at DailyKos and other liberal bastions. And it was Senator Obama himself who fueled these notions with comments like “Nobody is suffering more than the Palestinian people.

I’ll blog more on this later, but let me ask, to those who want to make the rest of the world “like us more”, is placating hate the answer?

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