Dissent of the Day

A reader says my connecting of some dots regarding Barack Obama and his potential stance towards Israel is way off base, and offers a different read on why an Obama administration would improve our standing in the world:

Electing Obama will begin to restore the United States
to the world leadership position it occupied before the disaster that
has been eight years of Republican control began. Because the current
administration lied to, insulted and belittled most of the free world
while pursuing self destructive foreign policies this country is now
held in contempt by most of the free world, and lacks the ability to
lead. “My way or the highway” as a foreign policy has been, to put it
mildly, a failure. Don’t vote for Obama so we can make friends, vote
for Obama to say to our former friends and allies “Bush lied to us too
and treated us with contempt too, and we don’t like it any better than
you do. We really do want to work together to make the world a safer
and more decent place.” It is the first step to restoring our position
as the leader of the free world. And convincing them that we are not

As for the McCain fans in Israel, do you think maybe the demographic is
slightly skewed? Is it possible that Americans living in Israel (or
spending enough time there to vote absentee) are older and a tad
wealthier than the rest of us suckers stuck here in Bush/Cheney land?
Or that they are true single issue voters, not particularly concerned
about what is best for America but voting based on what is best for
Americans living in Israel?

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