How Bad (or Good) Will It Be?

A friend asked me what I really think will happen to the country as a result of this election and just how bad (from my perspective- but, judging from my emails, good from the perspective of many of you) it will be?

Let’s ignore the overheated campaign rhetoric, whereby everyone makes the worst possible assumptions about the consequences of electing the person they oppose, and try to get a grip on the reality of the situation.

I voted for McCain. So here are the specific things which I fear about an Obama presidency, rhetoric aside, and minus any discussion of why I think these are bad ideas. That (rhetoric and opinion) will come in future posts. This is just a laundry list of things I anticipate happening.

1. He will raise taxes on some companies. He has said so. Just a fact. (Again, this post is not about why I think this is a bad thing, it’s just a list of what I anticipate happening.)

2. He will raise taxes on some individuals. Just a fact. Not a massive socialist-type level of taxation, but a hike nonetheless.

3. He will move the Supreme Court to the left. He surely will get to make three appointments (Stevens, Ginsburg, and Souter are likely to leave). For me, this is more of a concern as relates to the GWOT than to social issues.

4. A big issue for me: I fear his idealism will lead him to follow the Bill Clinton model and place too much trust in unrepentant terrorists like Yasser Arafat. People like Arafat and Ahmedinajad can never be trusted, but idealists don’t seem to get that.

5. He will strengthen unions which I fear will raise costs and make us less competitive as we face increased competition from emerging economies.

6. He will again yield to unions and oppose free trade agreements, as indicated by his record as a senator.

7. His election will allow Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi to have total free reign. A friend recently argued that now that he is President, Obama will have the stature and power to stand up to them. Sure, he will have the stature, but where is the evidence that he has any interest in standing up to them? He never has done so in his short legislative career. Why should I expect him to stand up to them now? What evidence is there to suggest he does not share their priorities on… well, everything?

8. I expect that there will be no serious tort reform, and in fact trial lawyers will be repaid for their generous financial support of the Democratic party with new legislation, which I believe will only serve to further raise the cost of doing business in the US.

9. I fear that when it comes time to make the difficult decisions in the War on Terror, President Obama will be too eager to curry favor with so-called “allies” like France and far too eager to rely on the UN. This is just my instinct, based on all of the campaign rhetoric about “re-building alliances.”

These are the changes I expect. I know from my emails that many of you support things like higher taxes on the top income brackets. And let me perfectly clear, the people have spoken, Obama won a clear and decisive victory, and has every right to implement all of the above changes. But, of course, the loyal opposition has every right to fight him as well.

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