Romney on the Economy

None of the candidates in either party this year could match up to Mitt Romney in terms of executive experience. His campaign didn’t get far- he was attacked (fairly) for his flip-flops on social issues, and deemed unelectable because of his Mormon faith. I still think he would make a terrific president, and it’s clear he is planning to run again.

Here is an interesting interview with Romney concerning the state of the economy, an issue about which he speaks with authority. Key quotes:

On Obama and organized labor:

The unions have helped Barack Obama. They will hope to be paid back. I’m particularly concerned that organized labor would call on Barack Obama to pass the card check program. This removes from American workers the right to the secret ballot in deciding whether or not to accept a union. This legislation would do more to harm America’s long-term competitiveness than almost anything I can imagine. It would be a partisan payback for organized labor but it would come with devastating consequences for the nation.

On a potential bailout of the auto industry:

Before the government issues loans to the auto industry, as has been authorized by Congress, it should insist on seeing credible and independent strategies that will return the companies to long-term sustainability. Government should not finance ongoing losses and declining market shares.

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