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In response to my previous post, a fellow traveler sees Sarah Palin in a different light:

Why do female politicians have to be frumpy, dour, harpies? The media is too used to good looking women being vacuous air heads in the Hollywood celebrity mold. Along comes a woman who has conservative credentials, but above all has challenged a major party (and her party at that) for the corruption that is endemic in politics, and she is rebuffed because she is not an “intellectual” heavyweight. Perhaps she was pulled too soon from the remoteness of Alaskan politics and thrust on the national stage, but if we wait for someone who has the national experience that everyone wants, we will simply be training another politician to follow in the corrupt footsteps of his or her Washington forebearers. Send in a strong fresh face the way they are, and give them the advice of the political gurus to chose from and let them make the hard decisions. At least you know that the decision is not backed by the guile of a megalomaniac who has planned to be president since he was in high school, or schemed to be president as part of the “Rules for Radicals” playbook. I am against “intellectualism”. I am a realist. Intellectuals see a goal and reason their way to the realization of that goal. A realist does the same thing but considers the collateral consequences of the methods used to achieve the goal and also considers what will happen after the goal is realized. I see Sarah Palin as a realist. Her only drawback is the same one that any new rising star in the conservative sphere will face, ridicule from the mainstream media. We should stop allowing liberals to choose who represents our movement by mocking them so harshly that we shun our own. You don’t need to be an intellectual to thoughtfully consider an issue and make a decision. I’ve decided. If Palin runs again I’m voting for her, and lending her my wife’s Saks Fifth Avenue charge card as a campaign contribution.

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