Where Have I Been?


Haven’t been posting because I took a trip to the UK. And so, now safely back in the US, here are my random observations about England:

1. It’s cold in London. Really cold and rainy and wet.
2. It gets dark very early in England in December. Night time starts at 4 pm.
3. Driving in England is tougher than I thought- I knew about the whole “wrong-side-of-the-road” thing, but I was not prepared for numerous other complications, such as the tiny, winding roads, especially the single lane roads (helpfully called “unnamed road” on the GPS) that are literally 7 feet wide. Trust me, it is no picnic.
4. And speaking of driving, no rest stops! Unlike here in the US, where it seems we have a full service rest stop with toilets and restaurants and convenience stores every five miles, in England there are pretty much none. Which leads me to wonder- do English people not pee?
5. Parking your car opposite the direction of traffic is apparently legal since everyone does it.
6. Drinking on the sidewalk outside of pubs is so common, even if it’s about 30 degrees out, it seems mandatory.
7. Cambridge is nicer than Oxford.
8. British tabloids are trashier than even the New York tabloids.
9. Not enough cable channels.
10. London cabbies are way smarter and more informed than New York cabbies.
11. High tea is expensive.
12. Not enough trash cans on the city streets.
13. Even though it’s a chain restaurant, Pizza Express has awesome pizza.
14. Heathrow Airport – what’s up with no food shops or newsstands near the gates?

Here are a couple of pics- a shot of my ride, and a shot of me enjoying the scenic view.
My Ride

Enjoying the view

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