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Several friends of StillRight have been kind enough to email on a variety of issues…

Regarding my recent missive blasting the New York Times, a friend takes me to task for being too harsh. He writes:

Of course, the odds of terrorist in Mumbai hitting the Chabbad House by accident and/or thinking that an identifiably Jewish building was an “unlikely” target displays both stupidity and naiveté. Nonetheless, I think you and Hitchens are a bit unfair here. The article you and Hitchens cite was written early in the Mumbai crisis when things were still very unclear. The Times’ subsequent coverage never denied, and in fact asserted, that the Chabbad House was a deliberate target of a vicious terrorist attack. The Times’ coverage re: the Chabbad House was extremely sympathetic. I have a LOT of problems with the Times’ coverage of Israel, the Arab world, Iran, Venezuela, and much of the rest of the world and here at home. But in this instance I think your criticism is a bit unfair. It just seems to me that fair criticism should at least place the timing of the Times’ article in context (I know you gave the date) and mention the Times’ subsequent coverage.

Another friend and regular contributor, in response to my post about my recent visit to England, asks if I noticed a more receptive environment during my visit, to wit:

You forgot to mention the reception you got in England as it relates to the recent election outcome. Were the British buying you drinks, shaking your hand, and congratulating you? Did you disappoint them by revealing that you supported the confused and cranky old rightist and his eye candy sidekick? I hope not. Here’s what Stanley Bing had to say about England and the election results after his trip to Europe:

I will report to you that I believe it is FAR more pleasant to have visited Europe after the election of Barack Obama than it is before. There are two headlines that leapt out at me from the vast newsstands covered with Obamamania of one sort or another. One was from a British paper, and simply said: “THANKS, YANKS.” The other was also in English, but looked local. It said: “Welcome back, America.” During the conference, at which there were but two other Americans among a crowd of some 1,500, a number of folks came up to me and congratulated me on our new president. The only one who expressed serious reservations, quite interestingly, I think, was a pleasant, very thin, very gray Russian fellow. Shades of the Cold War. I don’t think they like us very much. Again.

I know, you likely view European ecstasy at the casting off of one of the most unpopular regimes in the history of the United States, both here and abroad, as proof that we made the wrong choice, since in your view the rest of the world are crazy, socialist, terrorist coddling wimps. And it is indeed true that a huge outpouring of domestic and international support does not always into a successful administration. But surely you must concede that, as we move forward in this hour of desperate need for international cooperation to combat the global economic crisis and the international terrorist threat, we will be on far stronger footing when Obama asks our allies for help than were we to continue Bush and McCain’s “my way or the highway” republican strategies of the past eight years.

Another friend shares his thoughts about the recent news that President-Elect Obama plans to offer Israel a kind of “nuclear umbrella” against a nuclear Iran. He writes:

A nuclear umbrella. How wonderful Israeli’s must feel, knowing that they will all be posthumously avenged – and they don’t need to waste anything from their own nuclear arsenal because it’s on us, their good buddies in the good ‘ole US of A.

Let’s all applaud the President elect, not only for his unwavering support for Israel (well for its charred remains at least), but for the new efficiency he is bringing to Foggy Bottom and the Pentagon. With this wonderful nuclear umbrella, our diplomats and military leaders no longer need to worry about preventing Iran from finishing up their nukes. With that nagging issue off their plates, they can turn to matters more important to the Obama administration and its grateful nation.

Thanks, and keep ‘em coming.

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