Frank Rich: Blagojevich Scandal is Bush’s Fault

Seriously. Frank Rich found a way to blame the Rod Blagojevich scandal on George W. Bush.

Now I understand that it is difficult for a partisan Democrat like Frank Rich when, for an entire week, the news is dominated by a major scandal involving a fellow Democrat, and not just any Democrat, rather the governor of a large state and a one-time ally of the incoming Democratic President. And it’s quite clear Rich has a serious case of BDS.

But blaming George W. Bush for the misdeeds of Rod Blagojevich is seriously impressive. To spare you some time, I will walk you through his amazing alchemy:
1. Blagojevich was arrested and is up to his ears in corruption.
2. A couple of years ago, a member of the White House staff was convicted of a crime (a crime in no way, shape or form connected to, or resembling, the alleged crimes of Blagojevich, but that’s beside the point).
3. Events 1 and 2 took place during what Rich calls the “Bush Era.”
4. Hence, it’s all Bush’s fault.

See? All makes sense, right?

Now I was under the impression that corruption in Illinois politics dates back to 1869- at least that’s what Frank Rich’s own newspaper told me.

And while I don’t, at this juncture, blame Barack Obama for the crimes of Blagojevich, it would seem to me that since Obama endorsed and actively campaigned for Blagojevich’s election, Obama ranks higher on the culpability list than George W. Bush, n’est-ce-pas?

I leave you to ponder this: at what point does a columnist become so utterly predictable that he is just irrelevant?

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