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In my previous post I stated:

I want all the people who knocked Sarah Palin’s credentials to now apply the same skepticism to Ms. Kennedy.

And sure enough, Rep. Gary Ackerman according to the Associated Press, made the comparison yesterday. Well, sort of. Here is how the AP described Ackerman’s comments:

A Democratic congressman compared Caroline Kennedy to Sarah Palin, saying the wannabe senator hasn’t proved she has the “guts and the gumption” to succeed Hillary Clinton.

If you read the full article, it seems Ackerman was comparing their handling and not their credentials. But Ackerman did throw in this nugget on the importance of genetics:

Rembrandt was a great artist. His brother Murray, on the other hand, Murray Rembrandt wouldn’t paint a house.

The criticism seems to be bi-partisan. Republican Rep. Peter King, who is considering running for the seat in 2010, offered his own take on Kennedy:

The last thing we need is a People magazine celebrity as our United States senator, especially someone who has no experience, who as far as I know has never held a real job, and now we’ve found that she hasn’t even voted half the time. She hasn’t voted in any of the Democratic mayoral primaries, she didn’t even vote the last time that Pat Moynihan ran for the seat that she’s looking for now, or when Mario Cuomo was running the race of his life and lost. She wasn’t there for that…How can the average New Yorker identify with Caroline Kennedy? She comes from an outstanding family, I’m sure she’s a wonderful parent, but she’s never taken a stand on any public issue. She’s never even held one news conference. She hasn’t gone to one American Legion hall or Knights of Columbus hall or Masonic temple, or one synagogue to answer questions. When she does go on her so-called listening tour upstate, she’s, like, running from city hall into the car to avoid reporters.

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