No on Eric Holder

For years, the New York Times and others of its ilk have been complaining that President Bush’s Attorneys-General have been too loyal to the White House, and not sufficiently independent.

How ironic then that some of the Administration’s angriest critics are supportive of the nomination of Eric Holder, a man best known for his inexcusable acquiescence to Bill Clinton’s inexcusable granting (or should I say selling?) of a pardon to fugitive Marc Rich. Even the Times called the pardon “indefensible.”

In a letter published this week, the prosecutor who pursued Rich, former U.S. Attorney James Comey actually expressed support for Holder’s nomination. Here is how he addressed Holder’s actions in the Rich matter:

“I was stunned when President Clinton pardoned [Rich in 2001]. I have come to believe that Mr. Holder’s role…was a huge misjudgment, one for which he has, appropriately, paid dearly in reputation…Yet I hope very much he is confirmed.”

A huge misjudgment? Well, there we agree. But given that Holder has been making millions since then, and has been nominated for Attorney General, it seems to me he has not “paid dearly”, or at all.

With a “huge misjudgment” already under his belt, Mr. Holder can’t possibly be the best we can find.

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