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This probably won’t come as a surprise to Israelis, but I feel it is worth noting because it has received little coverage in the United States: While much of the world predictably condemns Israel, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has voiced her strong support for Israel’s military action, as described here by the Jerusalem Post:

Merkel placed the blame for Israel’s military operation squarely on Hamas’s rocket attacks and stressed that Israel has the right to defend its territory and citizens. “The terror of Hamas cannot be accepted,” said Merkel in her New Year’s address. According to her spokesman Thomas Steg on Monday, she said in a conversation with Prime Minister Ehud Olmert that the responsibility for the conflict lies “clearly and exclusively” with Hamas. Merkel demanded that Hamas “immediately and permanently” stop its rocket attacks on Israel.

The article goes on to explain that Merkel has been fiercely attacked by the German left for supporting Israel.

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