Blagojevich 1, Reid 0

Clearly Rod Blagojevich got the best of Harry Reid in the Battle of Burris.

As distasteful as it appears, Blagojevich of course had every right to pick whomever he wanted to fill the Obama seat. He’s still the governor, and the law in Illinois says the governor gets to fill any Senate vacancy. End of story. Blame the people of Illinois for electing a crook. Or blame them for enacting a law which gives the governor the power to fill the seat (a handful of states call for a special election to fill such vacancies).

Harry Reid had said after the Blagojevich arrest that no Blago appointee would ever be accepted by the Senate. I wonder if Reid consulted an attorney before making that claim. I doubt it.

And Reid is as nasty and partisan as they come. Although he did not want Blagojevich to make an appointment, he also let it be known that he opposed a special election. Why? Pure partisanship- Reid knew there was a chance (though a slim one) that a Republican might win the seat.

While Burris apparently is considered a lightweight and an egomaniac, he certainly has the qualifications to serve in the Senate. It’s not like he’s an incoherent child of privilege who’s never even held a real job.

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