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Krauthammer Gives Obama A History Lesson

How I love to read Charles Krauthammer’s column. Time and again, the man slices through the politicians’ rhetoric with cold hard facts. And this column is an absolute beaut.

Krauthammer takes Barack Obama to task for Obama’s recent interview wherein Obama basically fell on his knees and apologized to the Muslim world, saying “we seek a new way forward, based on mutual interest and mutual respect…[to] restore [the] same respect and partnership that America had with the Muslim world as recently as 20 or 30 years ago.”

Krauthammer responds by reminding us of precisely what the United States has done in that period:

In these most recent 20 years — the alleged winter of our disrespect of the Islamic world — America did not just respect Muslims, it bled for them. It engaged in five military campaigns, every one of which involved — and resulted in — the liberation of a Muslim people: Bosnia, Kosovo, Kuwait, Afghanistan and Iraq. The two Balkan interventions — as well as the failed 1992-93 Somali intervention to feed starving African Muslims (43 Americans were killed) — were humanitarian exercises of the highest order, there being no significant U.S. strategic interest at stake. In these 20 years, this nation has done more for suffering and oppressed Muslims than any nation, Muslim or non-Muslim, anywhere on earth. Why are we apologizing?

Does Barack Obama not know any of this?

While Obama was apologizing and wringing his hands on Al-Arabiya, Charles Krauthammer was dealing in facts. Krauthammer writes:

As in Obama’s grand admonition: “We cannot paint with a broad brush a faith as a consequence of the violence that is done in that faith’s name.” Have “we” been doing that, smearing Islam because of a small minority? George Bush went to the Islamic Center in Washington six days after 9/11, when the fires of Ground Zero were still smoldering, to declare “Islam is peace,” to extend fellowship and friendship to Muslims, to insist that Americans treat them with respect and generosity of spirit.

And America listened. In these seven years since 9/11 — seven years during which thousands of Muslims rioted all over the world (resulting in the death of more than 100) to avenge a bunch of cartoons — there’s not been a single anti-Muslim riot in the United States to avenge the greatest massacre in U.S. history. On the contrary. In its aftermath, we elected our first Muslim member of Congress and our first president of Muslim parentage.

It seems Charles Krauthammer is a far more proud American than our President.


Obama on Al-Arabiya

For most of the day, the DrudgeReport has been leading with the news that President Obama chose the Arabic network Al-Arabiya for his first televised interview.

I have previously expressed my concerns about President Obama and his approach to the war on terror, but I have absolutely no problem with him courting the Arab media.

In fact, I cannot understand why any thinking person would be opposed to the idea of an American president attempting to reach the Arab street in this manner. Isn’t this what we want our presidents to do? To try to get past the Ahmedinajads of the world and speak directly to the people? “Tear Down This Wall” and “Ich Bin Ein Berliner” – anyone? anyone? Bueller?

Moreover, there is nothing particularly new or radical about this move- President Bush realized the importance of such efforts and gave several interviews to Al-Arabiya. In addition, the Republican party gave Al-Jazeera its own booth and banner at the 2004 Republican Convention, a courtesy that apparently was denied by the Democrats that year.

My concern, of course, is what the President says, not where he says it.

Turning to the substance of his comments, I do take issue with the way President Obama uses his background and ethnicity when it suits him, while playing the victim when others make mention of it. To wit, note the following:

[Obama] talked about growing up in Indonesia, the Muslim world’s most populous nation, and noted that he has Muslim relatives.

During the campaign Obama supporters (especially his cheerleaders in the media) expressed outrage when others dared to mention his muslim roots. Pretty disingenuous to trot them out now when it suits his interests.


Look Who Else Is Cheering

Yay We’re Being Nicer to Terrorists
Oh, great.

Here are some of the other people joining in the applause for President Obama’s decision to close the military prison at Guantanamo Bay.

In Saudi Arabia, families of the country’s 13 remaining Guantánamo detainees rejoiced at the news.

“That was a humane decision. We’re very optimistic,” said Ali al-Sayari, whose son Abdullah, 28, has been there for eight years. The family has not heard from or about him for the past two years.

“Obama is correcting the mistakes of his predecessor,” said Ali al-Shamrani, whose nephew Mohammed al-Shamrani has been in Guantánamo for eight years.

Okay, I understand the mere fact, in and of itself, that these individuals are cheering doesn’t prove closing Guantanamo is a victory for the terrorists.

But it sure isn’t encouraging either.

And look who else is excited:

The UN’s torture investigator, Manfred Nowak, welcomed the move and said freed inmates should be allowed to sue the US if they had been mistreated.

So the UN is loving it (in my book, that’s strike 2) and why? Because it will open the door for some bloodsucking trial lawyers to sue (Strike 3).


Forgive me for not joining in the applause.

I wonder if, anywhere on this planet, a single terrorist or Muslim fundamentalist is not cheering as well. I wonder if, anywhere on this planet, a single terrorist or Muslim fundamentalist is thinking “Oh no, things are going to be a lot tougher for us now that Obama is President.” I highly doubt it.