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File This Under “Duh”

A new study by the New York City Department of Health shows that those who engage in binge drinking are more likely to have sex, and also more likely to get an STD. Shocker.

The sad part is that our tax dollars were used to make this “discovery.”


Easiest Decision Ever?

The New York Yankees announced today that they will not pick up Carl Pavano’s option for 2009. Go figure.


Least Surprising Headline… Ever!

“Daly Passes Out at Hooters”

(note: Apparently the headline has now been changed to an equally not-surprising “Golfer Daly Drunk, Detained”



You know, they look pretty good together….

Dancing Political Stars


This Is News?

So both New York tabloids today hyped the news that prior to his DWI arrest, Joba Chamberlain had been drinking at… a strip joint. Shocker. A professional athlete on a Friday night during the off-season. Personally, I would have considered it more newsworthy if he had been someplace OTHER than a strip joint.

Anyway, they showed a picture of the place:
Joba’s Strip Club
Is it me, or does this look more like a shoe store than a strip club? Maybe it’s a Nebraska thing.

Oh, and the cover charge apparently is 3 dollars.


Judge Flasher

Yet another reason to never use a bathroom at Starbuck’s.


Classic Biden: Video from ‘88

I don’t know what’s the most noteworthy aspect of this old clip of Joe Biden- his outright lying about his academic record, his amazing condescension in telling a voter “I have a higher IQ than you“, or the fact that he apparently has regrown some of his hair since then. Classic stuff.


And If They Love Him in France…

Poll shows voters in France overwhelmingly prefer Barack Obama. And they’re never wrong about anything.


McCain’s Math May Be Off Here

At the last debate, John McCain said:

“Fifty percent of small business income taxes are paid by small business.”

As columnist Michael Kinsley insightfully points out:

“Although I really should run this past Paul Krugman before going public, the evidence seems to suggest that as much as 100 percent of small business income taxes are paid by small business.”