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The AP Tries to Help Obama Out

I don’t think anyone is surprised to see that the McCain campaign is stepping up its efforts to link Barack Obama to former domestic terrorist William Ayers. And one would expect the Obama campaign to fire back with its own attempt to do the guilt-by-association thing.

But guess what? Obama doesn’t need to bother because he has the Associated Press to do the job for him. This article is the lead story at this moment on the AP’s Politics page- a story with no new revelations at all, about McCain’s alleged ties in the 80’s to some anti-communist group that is somehow linked to some unnamed bad guys. And along the way, the reporter hits all the Obama talking points, mentioning that Ayers’ acts of terror were 40 years ago, when Obama was a child, and of course he fails to mention that Obama’s association with Ayers was much more recent. The best part of the article is the way the reporter tries to make it all newsworthy- he has nothing new to report, but claims that McCain’s ties are now “facing renewed scrutiny.” Except the only scrutiny apparently is from the reporter himself, as he shows no other proof that any other entity is making a big deal.

To show you how dastardly a deed this is, imagine if out of the blue, today FoxNews decided to run a story about Jeremiah Wright’s ties to Obama- they could put that story on the front of their website, and then claim, solely because they themselves have chosen to focus on it, that Obama’s ties to Wright are “facing renewed scrutiny”. This is how reporters can create news, and create a story about something that they wish to make into a story.

It must be great to work for a campaign where the overwhelming majority of the press corps is supporting you and is determined to do everything possible to help you win, even when there is nothing new to report.

Is there any doubt that Saturday Night Live, hardly a conservative outfit, was dead-on when they observed months ago that the media is “in the tank for Obama“??


Obama in College: What’s He Hiding?

The WSJ asks some pertinent questions: No one gets to see Obama’s college transcript? His campaign hides his roommate’s identity? And why is so little known about what Senator Obama was doing during his college years?

Are we seeing shades of 2004, when we found out after the election that the supposedly-dumb Bush had a slightly higher GPA at Yale than the supposedly-brilliant John Kerry??


“The View”- Seriously, Who Cares?

Can someone tell me why I should care about the latest argument that took place on “The View”? And, more importantly, why does it get so much coverage in the MSM? I mean, seriously, who cares? I’m about as interested in Whoopi Goldberg’s thoughts on politics as I am in Tony Danza’s thoughts on nuclear proliferation….


New York Times Gettin’ Smaller

In the face of shrinking revenues, the New York Times itself will be shrinking, by combining various sections. Much as I would love to think that the Times’ is losing readers as a result of its liberal bias, the sensible side of this sensible right-winger thinks it is more likely the result of the general downturn that has hit the entire newspaper business since we all decided we would rather get our news online where it comes faster and it comes for free.


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